Sonntag, Mai 21, 2017

Harpy eagle study in Nürnberg zoo

I spend yesterday many hours in the wonderful Nürnberg zoo with my family. I didn`t have too much time to draw something, but the majestic Harpy eagle posed to be portrayed, and I couldn`t resist to give it a try. After a couple of failed attempts I managed to complete this one.The negative surprise for me was that almost none of the visitors was able to identify the bird.. It has been almost always mistaken for an owl , an other one called it a hybrid between an owl and an eagle!

Dienstag, Mai 16, 2017

New zoo studies

I spend few hours in the zoo today..No much reward except of this Apennine chamois study and a couple of Blackbird sketches. Various fineliners and markers

Donnerstag, Mai 11, 2017

Falcon studies at Wildpark Poing

I spend few hours in Wildpark Poing (close to Munich) today in the morning. This is my first ever study of a Gyrfalcon from life.According to falconer one of the siberian race. Still moulting, missing few primaries and tail feathers.I`d love to do some more studies of the Peregrines too, but my time was limited and I managed to sketch just a couple of head studies. Bic pen & fineliners

Dienstag, Mai 02, 2017

Tawny owl chick study

I went back to the park today hoping to spot the owlets and paint them in watercolour if possible.Three of them moved to the forest with their parents hidden in the foliage, but this one showed himself pretty well.It was cold and windy and I decided to make a b& w study and I didn`t regret it. Has been sketched using various fineliners

Samstag, April 29, 2017

Tawny owl nestlings in Nymphenburg park

My very first encounter with a couple of Tawny owl chicks sitting on a branch 10 meters above the ground in Nymphenburg park today in the morning. The weather was still cold but sunny and I managed eventually to complete this study using various fineliners.

Sonntag, April 23, 2017

Riesa zoo-Saxony, Life studies-Easter 2017

I`m just back from a holiday week to North -eastern Germany, visiting relatives over Easter days. The weather conditions were aweful with temperatures arounf zero! and snowfall sometimes..But I managed to do some work outdoors wearing gloves
Common Raven study, Unipin fineliners

Prussian carp study, Unipin fineliners & Bic pen

Speedy sketches of a European brown hare and a little Owl.Unipin fineliners
European brown hare and Quail, two studies sketched within few minutes,Unipin fineliners

A red Fox study, still wearing his winter coat, Unipin fineliners

Red Kite study, Unipin fineliners

One more study of the same bird, Red Kite , Unipin fineliners

Spruce tree study, Unipin fineliners

European wild cat study, Unipin fineliner

One more study of the european wildcats in the local zoo. Restless fellows didn`t show themselves a lot. Unipin fineliners

Something caught the attention of this wild cat, but only briefly.Unipin fineliners

Donnerstag, März 30, 2017


A rather speedy Peregrine falcon(captive bird) study painted using Gouache colours on toned paper in Wildpark Poing today in the morning.(still half-finished)

Donnerstag, März 23, 2017

Steppe eagle study at Wildpark Poing

I spend few hours in Wildpark Poing close to Munich today in the morning. This is the only study I managed to finish on location, a portrait of an immature steppe eagle, using watercolours

Freitag, März 17, 2017

Life studies from Wildpark Poing close to Munich

The spring is here! Wonderful weather conditions yesterday and I drove to Wildpark Poing close to Munich, making a first top at Snowy owl`s enclosure and did my first study of this male owl from life.
A speedy study of a eurasian lynx while feeding, Unipin fineliner

Snowy owl male, Bic pen , Unipin fineliner & Gelly Roll Basic white pen on toned paper.

Immature steppe eagle , sketched also in Wildpark today.Bic pen , Unipin fineliner & Faber-Castell Pitt pen grey tone

Montag, März 06, 2017

Przewalski horse & Bactrian camel studies-Munich zoo

Bactrian camel study, my first ever from life ,Unipin fineliner &Faber Castell Pitt pen

Przewalski horse mare study, Unipin fineliner & Faber Castell Pitt pen
One more Przewalski horse study from Munich zoo. Unipin fineliner & Faber Castell Pitt pen

Donnerstag, Februar 23, 2017

Nymphenburg park- A reddish phase Tawny owl study

I heard of the very promising weather forecast today, and went to one of the well known Tawny owl daytime roosts in Nymphenburg park. To my surprise I saw in the same hole an individual of the reddish phase,obviously the partner of the owl I drew last week. Despite the strong wind,I managed at least to finish my study, my first of a reddish Tawny owl from life..watercolours

Samstag, Februar 18, 2017

Bearded vulture & Steller`s sea eagle studies

I spend my day yesterday in Nürnberg, meeting clients in a Fair. I knew I had time after the meeting and went to the zoo hoping to sketch some of the raptors. They have a great collection of eagles and vultures and couldn`t resist to make a study of this bearded vulture. The weather was against me it was raining all the time and I had to hold umbrella and sketchbook with the left hand and sketching with the right..I used various fineliners.
Bearded vulture study, sketched using various finliners

The majestic Steller`s sea eagle has been sketched also during the rain.

Tawny owl-monochrome study

I haven`t been in the "Tawny owl" park for months due to cold weather conditions, and couldn`t miss the chance last Thursday to look after the owls.The weather was almost spring-like and the first owl I met, posed for me enjoying the sunshine.. Staedtler fineliner , Faber Castell Pitt pen & Gelly Roll Basic white pen on toned paper.

Freitag, Januar 27, 2017

Latest life studies from Munich zoo

It has been some time since I`ve uploaded my last life studies on this Blog.
In the meantime I did some work, but only in black and white using fineliners from various brands.

Greater Kudu female

Polar bear head study

Indian elephant

Red ruffed lemur


Eurasian lynx

Rhino iguana

Black Pacu

Lowland gorilla female

Lion male study

Young lowlad gorilla